Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The government I didn't want

I woke up sad this morning and told the Lord so. How can I live under a socialist government? How can I live under a government whose values are so deeply different than mine? The Lord reminded me joyfully that my citizenship is in heaven with Him. These are "civilian affairs" -- concerns of a world that is passing away. And He is in total control of these affairs. But Lord, I have to live in this world right now. And it makes me sad and feels like a burden to me. And He reminded me that Jesus also lived under a government that His people hated. And Jesus set the ultimate example of submitting to God the Father and submitting to the authorities God has placed over us on earth. He let them kill Him. Yet He had joy in the face of it all, because He knew where His real home was. Thank You, Lord, for your comfort today!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I've been photo-tagged by Carrie. Fun! Here's the rule:post the fourth picture in the fourth pictures folder you have on your computer, and explain. This lovely photo is from my high school pics folder, and is of my friend Jessica. We were at Universal City Walk celebrating my 16th birthday. We were so silly then.

OK, and now to tag four friends (and you all must post a photo and 'splain and tag four friends!)

1. Jenny Smith
2. Emily Edwards
3. Carol Hill
4. Maureen Hendricks

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

You know what the problem is? God has not told me to ask for a miracle. "Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God." I believe what God has told me.

Abraham is a great example to me. Abraham believed God would miraculously give him and Sarah a son because God said He would. He took God at His word. I can't believe God will act in a certain way if he hasn't told me that that is His plan or desire.

It would be the same if I said to Kurt: "Kurt, I believe you will buy me a diamond necklace" and then was confused or frustrated when he didn't, as though my believing can force him to act a certain way. I might ask and we'd talk it over, and maybe he'd even get me one in the end, but I can't assume what he wants to do. But if he came home one day and said, "I'm gonna get you a diamond necklace" then of course I could expect to receive one. He is a man of his word. It is the same with God. (And just think how it would hurt Kurt if he said he would do this thing for me and I didn't take him at his word!)

Do I believe in miracles? Absolutely. Have I experienced one? Yes. But God approached me first on that one. He has a plan and its awesome to be given insight into it, to be used in it. Its way more fun to be in a conversational relationship and a partnership than to just be going about like I know what he wants all the time and trying to make it happen. The hammer isn't accomplishing ANYthing if it isn't in the Capenter's hand.
Am I supposed to pray for miracles? Am I? Maybe that's like the high jump where the bar is at the tippy top. I don't think God wants us to ask for things we don't believe He will give us; I think he wants us to pray with faith--only ask when we can ask with certainty in our hearts that He'll answer. "But without faith it is impossible to please God, for anyone who comes to Him must first believe that He exists and that He rewards those who earnestly seek Him." Heb 11:7 I think my obsessing over praying for miracles comes from the idea that I SHOULD have that much faith. And maybe that is the goal. But its silly to pretend that I do have that much faith and give God lipservice. Its dumb. Who am I fooling? Maybe my pride. Well, IT certainly doesn't need to be inflated anymore.

Heavenly Father, please help me to believe for all the things you want to do. Please give me insight into your desires and ways so I can pray according to your good will. Reveal to me all of my own ideas about what you want or will do, and replace those ideas with true knowledge. I love you. Because of the grace you've shown me in Christ, I come to you. Amen.